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   Online  Stock   Inventory   and
   Billing Software for Small Shop
   Retailers, Whole sellers.
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   An  Online  Application for the
   Deed  Writers  to  Manage all
   the data of  Property Registry.
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                                      We develop customised
                                      software for clients  as
                                      per  their   requirement,
                                      in  a  way  so  that the
 functionality  of  the  software  become  very easy
 to the operator having no professional skills.
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                                        Web  server hosing is
                                        another  segment  of
                                        our  company.   Here
                                        we    provide     web
                                        server  space to  our
 clients as  our  predefined  hosting plans or as per
 their  requirement with a great percent of up time.
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                                     We  also  develop
                                     web   applications
                                     and  website with
                                     different themes &
 animation  that  goes  with  the image of the 
 Company and reflects it's business quality.
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                                      To make one stop
                                      solution, our Com-
                                      pany is  providing
                                      domain    service,
                                      where  you   can
 book domain names at a cheap price and get
 all the facilities related to domain service.
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